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Overview of Rohingya Advocacy

CAIR-Oregon is happy to partner with Oregon United for Rohingya and Americans United for Rohingya to advocate on behalf of the Rohingya people. Below are some of the results of our campaign thus far. There is still a lot of work to be done and we’ll continue pushing hard on this issue.

Our continued advocacy is focused upon the following:

  • Stopping companies from supporting the genocide in Burma.
  • Pursuing policy goals in the US Congress.
  • Informing more people about what’s happening to the Rohingya.


Rohingya Advocacy


Rohingya community.


Held rallies. Lobbied Congressional offices. Developed alliances.

And mankind are naught, but a single nation.

-Surah Yunus 19

Coalition Partners

  • United for Rohingya
  • Americans United for Rohingya
  • CAIR-Georgia
  • CAIR-Missouri
  • International Campaign for Rohingya